Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Yngwie Malmsteen's #3 Stratocaster on eBay

And the goodies just keep coming. What is it with all the celebrity gear on eBay this month?

This one is for all the shredder-turned-stockbroker types -- Yngwie's very own #3 Stratocaster which he apparently traded as part of a deal with the current owner for a Ferrari. (Item#: 200390880700)

With an Yngwie-scalloped, original 1962 neck (arrrgghh!) on a '94 body, the seller claims "this guitar was one of his favorites that he heavily used throughout the 1990's on world tours as well as in the recording studio."

Yngwie's cherished #1 guitar, the famous 'Play Loud' Strat, was painstakingly replicated and issued by the Fender Custom Shop as the Malmsteen Tribute last year. Interestingly, the Tribute lists for $12,500 at Wildwood Guitars.

This #3, an original, is more of a bargain if you ask me, at just under $30k.

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