Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Birthday Salute -- Sammy Hagar

It's hard to believe this guy is 62.

And Sammy Hagar, born 13th October 1947, shows no signs of stopping.

With an amazing career spanning several decades that included a stint in Montrose, a successful solo career, and over ten years as Van Halen's frontman, Hagar has once again reinvented himself with the much publicized, all-star Chickenfoot.

While Hagar's stock-in-trade is as a frontman with tremendous vocal prowess, he also possesses a pretty decent rock/blues-based guitar style. Occasionally going toe-to-toe with Joe Satriani in Chickenfoot -- he also used to trade licks with Eddie onstage in Van Halen -- Hagar proves he's no slouch in the guitar department.

In this vid, Sammy performs 'I Can't Drive 55' -- one of his hits from his years as a solo artist -- with his former Van Halen buddies on their '89 Japan tour. Check out his alternate-picked solo at 3:56 in the video. You didn't think he could play like that, huh?

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