Friday, October 30, 2009

Mike Landau's 1967 Twin Reverb on eBay

Here's a listing for tonemeister Mike Landau's '67 Twin Reverb. (Item #: 200397540137)

According to the seller LA Vintage Gear (a 100% positive feedback seller I might add), this amp is in pristine condition despite being more than 40 years old. Conspicuously absent are any traces of rust anywhere on the amp.

Reworked by custom amp builder Roy Blankenship of Blankenship Amps, only the old capacitors and resistors were replaced. Those things do 'brittle out' or leak, as is common in amps this age.

The only other modification is that the original Jensen speakers have been replaced with Celestion Rola G12-65's, which appear to be the newer reissues.

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  1. Holy cow!!! Did you see those DeTemple guitars from that same seller? OMG!!!!

  2. The DeTemple's are something else. Any guitar maker that waits weeks or months till he finds the right pieces of wood before he even starts building has got to be onto something. I'm real curious to try out a DeTemple..



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