Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Electro Harmonix' Effectology Series Featuring Bill Ruppert

I'm really digging this series of vids put out by Electro-Harmonix called Effectology. Generating impossible sounds using only a guitar and EHX pedals, guitarist Bill Ruppert really puts the pedals through their paces with equally high doses of musicality and experimentation.

And this clip, 'Telstar' is one of my personal favorites.

Bill Ruppert is one of those great guitarists you've never heard of.

Born into a musical family -- his grandfather played drums for Benny Goodman no less -- Ruppert got his start on the clarinet before switching to guitar at age 12. Lessons with jazz guitar legend Larry Coryell soon followed.

In the early to mid 80's Ruppert was a first-call session guitarist in the Chicago area, at that time the 'Jingle Capital of the World'. He also possessed a knack for creating sound effects on the guitar which sometimes came in handy on these jingle sessions.

Said Ruppert in a 1996 interview, "I'd be called to do things like 'wrench falling out of a toolbox' or 'spaghetti falling off the end of a fork'."

An excellent rock/fusion guitarist with a fluid, legato style, Ruppert was almost signed to Mark Varney's Legato Records in the mid 90's. But because of Ruppert's extremely busy session schedule, Varney signed Frank Gambale instead.

Here's a guy I wish we could hear more of.

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