Friday, February 28, 2014

Paco de Lucia | Memorable Quotes

This article is dedicated to the great Paco de Lucia, who left us all too soon at age 66 on February 25th 2014.

"In Andalucia, when I play, the audience at some times, will say 'Ole' all at once. If they don't say 'Ole', it means that you have played like shit."

"I'm very glad to be here, to try to further my music. I play guitar not for me, but for flamenco."
Paco de Lucia
Paco de Lucia (Pic source: wikipedia)

"I don't want to be a star, or a rich man. I am working for my village, for my country, for my music, for the tradition of the art form, and I want to make the music better, always better."

"In my music, we are very simple. In the phrygian mode, there are simple scales and harmonies with heavy emotion and tradition."

"I cannot see ahead two meters, you know? I live for the moment, the second. To make the future is to live every day, every second."

"There are two kinds of flamencos, the old, traditional flamenco and the new, young kind. The old ones cannot accept the change, and they say their way is pure. But pure remains for me to play what I feel at the moment, always with respect for the roots. It's not a problem for me whether they accept it or not. It's something I forgot a long time ago."

"It's something strange, but I never used to think of myself as playing music. I was living a special kind of life, flamenco."

"I never listened to other kinds of music, only flamenco. My philosophy of life was around flamenco only. I looked at it not so much as music, but more as a kind of life, a way of living."

"Thinking is the worst thing in improvisation. You need only feeling. Forget everything. Try to fly."


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