Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Gibson Flying V Custom Made for Elliot Easton on eBay

Here's a listing for a 1984 left-handed Korina Gibson Flying V. According to the seller this 'V' was made for The Cars' Elliot Easton by the Gibson Custom Shop. (Item #:200397024881)

This Flying V sports serial number 0015 (indicating an instrument production number of 15?) and Easton's name silkscreened onto the face of the headstock. According to the seller this was the only lefty korina Flying V ever made.

As a left-hander, Easton has had his share of difficulties as far as procuring instruments.

In an interview in 1986, he said, "I can't walk into a store to try the latest thing. So, being in the position that I'm in, sometimes I just call up the maker and introduce myself. Of course, they are usually glad to make something for me, but they usually want something for it. Where another guy could go into a store and pick up a guitar and go, "Nah, that's not really for me," sometimes I end up having to buy it. Then I decide that it's not for me, and I get rid of it."

"A lefty was never able to walk into a store and find a seafoam green, maple-neck, gold-hardware Strat. He'd be happy as hell if he found a sunburst one with a little bit of a flip in the neck that he had to fix. The fun now is having the same advantages as a righty person as far as having what I want built for me. Now I've got a korina Flying V, a korina Explorer, blonde ES-335s, J200s, Guilds. Most of my guitars are one-off. They are almost all handmade, so while they are making a one-of-a-kind anyway, I can slip in little things like, "Well, how about my name here?" or "How about my lucky number 33 on the truss-rod cover?" They've got to make each part and flip over the jigs and stuff, so I can get into it with them and have a little fun."

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