Thursday, September 1, 2011

A Dumble Book

You know how it is.  You've always wanted to plug in to a Dumble amplifier

But with fewer than 300 in known existence, a chance encounter with one of these beasts will be about as rare as a sighting of the Loch Ness monster.  Collectors and players fortunate enough to own a Dumble are certainly keeping them locked up, away from prying eyes and itchy fingers. 

Alexander Dumble has always been choosy about who he builds amplifiers for.  And now that it seems that he is building amplifiers only when he feels like it and for a very select few, it appears that the few Dumbles that do appear on the re-sale market are packing double their already five-figure prices from, say, 5 years ago.

So, like giving a Nigella cookbook to a starving man, we have A Dumble Book by Jesse Schwarz. 

In its 332 pages are three interviews with Alexander Dumble, an extensive amp history with specs and descriptions of nearly every model, amplifier tests, and an interview with Dumble's long time friend and business partner Jack Smith.   All 90 photographs in the book are in full color.

It is interesting to note that while Jesse Schwarz is credited with coordinating and doing most of the writing for this project, other Dumble amplifier owners have also come forward to contribute in this homage to Alexander Dumble.

Deserving of specific mention in A Dumble Book are Steve Lukather's Overdrive Special serial #048 and David Lindley's Steel String Singer #003. 

And here's a brief history of Dumble amplifiers.

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