Sunday, September 11, 2011

Pickmaster Plectrum Punch | Lifetime Supply of Picks!

Here's a neat little gizmo that promises hours of fun. 

The Pickmaster Plectrum Punch allows you to punch out your own picks out of any piece of plastic flat enough to fit into its jaws.  Old credit cards, plastic container lids, file folders are all fair game. 

After punching out your pick, a quick smoothing out with extra-fine-grit sandpaper will remove any rough edges and you're good to go.  Or you could try my favorite method, which is to buff the pick against carpet, something I do constantly to smooth out the rough edges after those spur of the moment Van Halen-esque pick slides.   

And if the classic #351 Fender pick shape is not your thing, another company called Pick Punch manufactures a similar device capable of stamping out picks in the Dunlop Jazz III shape.  Ooh, the competition these days.  

Either way, you'll probably never look at an ordinary piece of plastic the same way again.   It's all PPM -- Potential Pick Material! 

Here's to guilt-free pick tossing at gigs.

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