Monday, February 15, 2010

Budda Amplification's MN100 Amp Head | Custom Italian Leatherwork

The new MN100 three-channel tube amp head by Budda Amplification promises boutique Budda tones with a boutique appearance to 'boot'. 

Featuring 100-watts of all-tube power, separate channels for Clean, Rhythm and Lead, user interchangeable 6L6GC or EL34 power tubes for true Fender or Marshall tones, and Resonance, Presence and Reverb controls on each channel.  A revolutionary built-in PowerPan rectifier control knob allows the player to dial in any ratio of full-tube to diode rectification allowing the very character and feel of the amp to be tweaked, anywhere from 'spongy' to 'hard'.  A versatile beast!

Budda Amplification also appointed shoe and boot-designer Mark Nason to create custom leatherwork for the MN100 head and MN412 4x12 speaker cabinet!

Now, is it just me or does the fit of the leather around the MN100 head and cabinets look a little loose?

(More details here:


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