Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Xylonix Guitars by Michael Gnapp | Successor To Rex Bogue?

John McLaughlin with Rex Bogue Double Rainbow
I just received a comment from Keith Bohanna over at on my Rex Bogue Double Rainbow article.  He also shared a link from one of his site's members, Michael Gnapp who was Bogue's woodworker. 

"Nice information on Rex Bogue, a unique guitar maker. Over on our blog we were able to share some experiences which one of our members, Michael Gnapp, had while working with Rex. 

Here are a couple of cool excerpts:

"I learned inlay from Rex; his shell work was very detailed and immaculate. You can see it in the “tree of life” inlay on the two necks of John McLaughlin’s 'Double Rainbow'.  Rex was extreme in everything he took on."

"If he took an interest in anything, he took it all the way. He had in interest in rum; my first duty in the morning was to prepare a 5-gallon water cooler full of pina colada, and it would be empty at the end of every day. There were always clients and friends hanging out in the shop, which was a small house he’d inherited from his grandmother, I believe, and so 5 gallons of the potion was usually just enough. I did the woodworking, another young man, a master of electronics, did the pickups, preamps, and wiring."

You can see the full post here:"

Michael Gnapp is also about to re-launch his own line of guitars shortly.  A luthier listing for Gnapp's Xylonix Guitars states:  "Custom thinline hollowbody archtop and solidbody guitars, funerary urns and artistic wooden home accessories."

Funerary urns?  Talk about diversifying.. is still under construction but stay tuned. 

You can check out some of Gnapp's earlier Xylonix guitar creations here:

And here's my earlier article on Ibanez's take on the Rex Bogue Double Rainbow

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