Saturday, March 6, 2010

Vibesware Guitar Resonator | Infinite Sustainer

I remember reading an article about the inventor of the Heet Sound Ebow in a British magazine back in the late '70s. And it wasn't a guitar magazine either -- the following page featured an article about the art of English blood pudding making.

But there it was in all its shiny chrome glory.  The first device of its kind to offer the possibility of infinite sustain on the guitar by generating an oscillating magnetic field to keep the strings moving. 
The Ebow, not the blood pudding, intrigued me no end.

The Vibesware Guitar Resonator is the new generation of harmonic feedback generators but it works along the same lines as the Ebow.  But rather than having to hold a device against the strings (while hoping for the best), the Vibesware Guitar Resonator is mounted to an adjustable gooseneck stand.  The player simply steps up to it, aligns the blue LED on the strings and voilà -- infinite sustain

The device includes a variable power control with which the player can adjust the sensitivity of the device.  And since it draws its juice from its own independent power supply, the Vibesware Guitar Resonator can really make those strings vibrate.

And I still don't quite know what to make of blood pudding.


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