Sunday, March 28, 2010

Planet Waves Pro String Winder | Product Review

A string winder and wire clippers are both must-have accessories in every guitar player's toolbox and Planet Waves Pro String Winder incorporates both in one handy device.

And only D'Addario holds the patent on the all-in-one string-winder and string-cutter. Marketed under the Planet Waves brand, this little string winder/cutter has been around for awhile and has seen constant improvement over the years.

The latest incarnation of Plane Waves Pro String Winder continues to incorporate some of the same features found on the previous models that we've come to know and love -- the acoustic bridge pin puller and dual peghead slots on the winder to accomodate both Fender and Gibson-sized tuning heads are still there. 

But the single biggest improvement on the Pro String Winder is that the hex bolt screw that holds the string-cutting blades together is now securely fastened to a hex nut on the opposite end.  On previous models, only a single hex bolt held the two blade faces together.  Once the screw threads on the blades or the screw gave out -- as they often did -- the string-cutter became impossible to use.

The new Pro String Winder also features an ergonomically improved and substantial handle grip. This thing just feels right. 

And they've even incorporated a string-stretcher into the handle itself; simply slot the string onto the curved indentation on the handle, pull outward slightly and slide along the entire length of the string. Very handy.

Like all Planet Waves products, the Pro String Winder comes with a lifetime guarantee.  Just like the lifetime warranty on their guitar cables, Planet Waves will replace any of their string-winders in the event of damage due to normal use, so save those receipts, folks!

The Pro String winder is also available in a bass version.

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