Friday, March 5, 2010

PRS Guitarbud Interface For iPhone and iPod

As iPhones take over the world, their software applications proliferating like bugs under a log, bringing us ever closer to some grim unforseeable eventuality, guitarists everywhere are enduring solder burns and frustrating trips to Radio Shack looking to solve a single dilemma -- how on earth do we connect our guitars to our iPhones so we can take advantage of all these cool new apps..

Like a gift from the gods, the PRS Guitarbud Interface is a handy little must-have.

The 6-foot long Guitarbud Interface by PRS Cables enables a guitar's 1/4" output to connect directly to the 3.5mm input of an iPhone or second-generation iPod. 

For monitoring purposes a female 3.5mm connector acts as a headphone output, an essential if you're going to be plugging into iPhone apps like PRS Jam Amp, StompVox, Riff Raters, GigDaddy, Rectools Pro, Guitar FX Deluxe or even Voice Memos.

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