Saturday, January 16, 2010

TC Electronics PolyTune | Strum, Tune, Rock!

TC Electronics PolyTune is the newest revolution in guitar tuner technology!

Guitar tuners have always been finicky little beasts.  The chromatic tuner as we know it, is easily confused by extraneous, sympathetic string resonances that are liable to send LED readouts bouncing back and forth like a ping-pong ball at a table-tennis match.  As any experienced guitar player will tell you, a certain amount of 'tuner chops' are required to get an accurate, steady reading.

Enter TC Electronics PolyTune -- the world's first polyphonic guitar and bass tuner! 

All the user needs to do is strum through all the strings on his guitar or bass simultaneously and the PolyTune's micro-computer decides, and indicates by means of multiple LEDs, which string is in tune, and which are sharp or flat.  The LEDs also adjust their brightness automatically, depending on ambient light.

Fabulous.  TC Electronics PolyTune just made onstage guitar fine-tuning a lot quicker.

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