Sunday, January 10, 2010

Evenno's Fingerist at CES 2010 | When Air Guitar Just Ain't Enough

Exhibiting at CES 2010, The Fingerist by Evenno allows the user to literally strap on their iPhone or iPod and play their software apps more like a real guitar.  Showing off your new iPhone to friends and relatives just reached a new high!

And if the built-in speaker and 2-hour battery were not enough private virtual-guitar time for when the boss isn't looking, there is also a 1/4" jack output that allows you to plug the Fingerist into an amp and, according to Evenno's website, "perform in the center of a band as a Fingerist right next to the guitarist."

C'mon, you know you want one!

The Fingerist won't help you build your actual guitar chops or maintain your calluses but it might provide some fun guitar therapy when away from your instrument.

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