Sunday, September 13, 2009

Jimi Hendrix Plays 'Hound Dog' On Acoustic Guitar!

I found this YouTube vid of Jimi playing 'Hound Dog' on

Jimi's take on this Elvis classic shows just how deep Hendrix's knowledge of the Delta blues style really was. Opting for the key of E (Elvis' original was in C) he gives it a decidedly Robert Johnson twist while freely interspersing it with his own rhythmic ideas. And if there's anything that this video shows us, it's just how in the pocket Hendrix's time was.

Check out the Mississippi bottleneck slide lick he wrings out with just his fingers at 0:32-0:33, and the 'Delta wail' in 2:21-2:29 where he doubles a single line motif on the guitar with his voice while keeping the rhythm going.

Another listing for the same video dates it from 24th February 1969 which was also the date for Jimi's concert at the Royal Albert Hall in London. If the date for this video is correct then this could have been an after-show hang, maybe even backstage at the Albert Hall itself.


  1. That whole video is available as a torrent on most bootleg sites.

  2. Thanks. But I done gave up the bootleg moonshine years ago pard'ner.



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