Tuesday, September 8, 2009

In Memory of Buddy Holly 1936-1959

Buddy Holly was born 7th September 1936. He would have been 73 years old.

The simplicity of his music coupled with a startling sincerity has always resonated something in me. To many, he stood for the everyman -- the young lad from next door who was blessed with this extraordinary talent to just get up onstage and do his thing.

No hype and no hoopla. Just honest to goodness rock 'n roll.

And he was a fine picker.

Like his singing, he didn't have to resort to much when he played. He chose his notes well on his clean-toned Stratocaster and that was all he needed to get his point across, powerfully and unequivocably.

It was enough to make any grown man wince -- in a good way.

In a career that spanned less than two years, Buddy Holly went from being a household name to a bona fide rock 'n roll legend.

The great ones always seem to go too soon.

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