Thursday, July 30, 2009

Dunlop Ultex Picks

These are my new favorite picks.

Having used Dunlop's 500 1.5mm picks (in an easy-to-spot-on-the-floor purple) for several years I've just discovered the Ultex series. And I'm a convert.

After buying a handful, I've purposely used the same Ultex pick for the past two weeks to see how it wears down and if it indeed lives up to Dunlop's claim of being 'virtually indestructible'.

After about 60 hours in the teaching studio and several gigs including a couple of aggressive blues/rock ones, there is absolutely no wear on the playing edges of this pick! And I'm not paid to say this.

This is great for the player who is finicky about having a consistent, smooth playing edge -- I know of a guitarist who goes through 3 or 4 picks a night because he can't stand the feel of serrations on his regular celluloid picks.

I'm using the 1.14mm 'bronze rhino' which is the thickest one in the Ultex series. Aside from having absolutely no flex at all, I notice that the Ultex weighs less than conventional celluloid and plastic. The satin matt finish also reacts with the oils from the fingers and actually seems to get tackier the longer you play. Great for those sweaty gigs.

Dunlop has produced a real winner with this one.

The Ultex is also available in Jazz III and larger Tri-sided models.

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