Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Jeff Berlin On Why You Should Not Practice With A Metronome

Jeff Berlin recently referenced my Henderson/Berlin/Chambers gig review on The Players School Of Music Facebook page:

Go to the blue comments box at the bottom of the Facebook page and click 'See More' for the rest of Berlin's article.

Jeff raises a few interesting points about why one should not practice with a metronome.

"..we, as a band, Dennis Chambers, Scott Henderson and I played with good time as an automatic event, not as a special musical issue to regard. We never talked about groove or time because talking about these things is a "DUH"."

"No good pro player gives it the special importance that most of the music world outside the pro ranks seem to give it. My on-going point is that practically everybody, famous guys on downward never acquired their time sense from a metronome, practically no one."

"Groove doesn’t require an academic lesson because groove is always a result AFTER the fact of good practice, never as a starting or early practice principle. This is where teachers will always let you down; they insist that you play in time before you even know what you are doing, which is one reason why I dismiss using metronomes or groove lessons of any kind."

"Lessons are best learned out of time so that you can regard and improve your playing via great musical information. Nobody in music history will state that their groove came from a teacher or a school, because it always came from playing, listening and learning the styles of music that pleased them."

The Players School Of Music Facebook page is slowly evolving into a great resource with Berlin constantly updating it with new videos and free lessons. I'll definitely be staying tuned for more!

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