Friday, December 4, 2009

VHT Special 6 Amplifiers

I'm really digging the tones coming out of these new VHT Special 6 Combo amplifiers. These handwired, all-tube amps are driven by a single 12AX7 preamp tube and a single 6V6 power tube for a power-rating of 6 watts.

The 6V6 tube imparts typical Class A tones -- you can almost hear the 'ping' of the glass on the tubes. 6V6s are also a popular choice in the stereo audiophile industry, favored for their clarity and transparency.

A single-channel amp with simple Volume and Tone controls, the addition of a footswitchable Gain Boost feature on the Special 6 gives it the flexibility of a two-channel amp. Judging from this clip, the transition from Clean to Boost modes (at 0:20) are pretty smooth with no overly dramatic volume jumps. Notably, Boost mode retains the rich-harmonics and glassy overtones of the amp in Clean mode!

With a 'Minimum Advertised Priced' of US$199.99 for the Special 6 Combo and US$179.99 for the Special 6 head version, and considering the up-market boutique tones they are capable of delivering, these amps are amazingly great value!


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