Sunday, December 13, 2009

Steve Vai On Beekeeping!

Steve Vai got into the hobby of beekeeping when he moved to his home in Encino, California. Or as he describes it, "Went online, learned about honeybees, found a local beekeeper .. and got myself a swarm!

Vai waxes philosophical about the life and times of a bee, "A honey bee works until it dies -- I can relate!"

Steve covers the finer aspects of beekeeping including the reason why beekeepers use smoke, how raw honey is purified, and why one should avoid getting stung in the neck! Good to know, good to know..

Steve involves his wife, son and even his intern in his honey harvests, producing close to a thousand pounds of Fire Garden honey which go toward raising funds for his non-profit organisation, The Make A Noise Foundation.


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