Friday, November 13, 2009

PAF Pickups Owned By Mike Landau on eBay

Here are a pair of PAF's owned by Mike Landau. (Item #: 200404684665)

L.A. Vintage Gear has been auctioning a lot of stuff for Landau recently and according to them these are from his "extensive pickup stash". The original covers and black Patent Applied For stickers are still intact.

Gibson applied for a patent on their humbucking pickups on 22nd June 1955 and were awarded the patent only on 28th July 1959.

But interestingly, from 1957 to 1962 Gibson stickered every pickup with a Patent Applied For label. It was only after '62 that the patent number started appearing.

One of the pickups in this matched set was rewound by John Suhr -- probably due to a broken coil -- while the other remains stock. L.A. Vintage Gear has taken this mod into consideration and shaved a fair bit off their Buy It Now price.

You can hear these pickups in action in the Michelle Branch clip below. Mike's rhythm tones are amazing -- gutsy and with tons of attitude. You can't put a sticker or a Buy It Now on that:

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