Sunday, November 15, 2009

The Guitar Column Is Off To Bali!

I'm off for a vacation to Bali from Sunday 15th November 'til Thursday 19th November.

The hotel where I'm staying at is supposed to have internet access but in case they don't, hang in there, dear readers! You're important to me.

I'll be checking out the local scene looking out for:

  • A Balinese guitar wunderkind
  • An incredible deal on a '62 Strat or a '59 Les Paul (one can only dream!)
  • A local guitar builder
  • A local amp builder
  • Vintage guitar accessories
  • Any newsworthy guitar stuff to report

Stay tuned!


  1. Have a safe trip! Hopefully the internet connection there is real, fast and reliable as your posts certainly get me through my work day! :)

  2. Thanks! Will try to squeeze in some daily blog time between balinese massages!



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