Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Why Didn't I Think Of That? #2 -- Modular Pedal Risers

This might be of interest to any pedalgeek who never leaves for a gig without a veritable fruit-stand of pedals.

If you have a single level pedalboard -- and two rows of pedals -- you've probably hit a control knob out of position by accident. Causing, for instance, a chorus pedal to warble madly out of tune during Message In A Bottle.
Or worse -- (insert personal experience here). Those clunky CAT workboots are not exactly pedal friendly.

Enter the Pedal Riser.

Designed to elevate the upper row of pedals on a pedalboard, the additional height lessens the likelihood of a clumsy boot heel or steel-toe from knocking out a pedal setting on the bottom row.

Pedal Risers are made out of 18-gauge steel and attach to the pedalboard with a very heavy-duty hook-and-loop fastener, which according to the company's advertising, is far stronger and more heat-resistant than the Velcro product we've come to know and love.

Pedal Risers are modular units -- use one for a single Boss or MXR-type pedal, or two, side-by-side, for larger pedals like the Line 6 Modellers. The space under each Riser also serves to conceal any unsightly wiring for a clean, professional look.

My only concern is how much additional weight all that 18-gauge steel is going to add. On a pedalboard it seems like every ounce counts.


  1. Hey Clinton, thanks a lot for the great write-up about our product, we appreciate it!

    Regarding weight, the risers are actually quite light. 18-gauge steel was selected because it possesses a very good balance of strength and light weight.

    the guys from StageTrix

  2. My pleasure and thanks for leaving a comment! It's a great idea. How about a second height riser for pedal-pushers with even more toys?



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