Saturday, September 19, 2009

James Tyler Guitars And How They Make A New Guitar Feel Like It's Been Played For 25 Years

If you've ever picked up a well-played Strat from the '60s (or if you're lucky, the '50s) you would probably have noticed that some areas on the edge of the fingerboard have become naturally rounded due to wear from years of playing -- adding to the overall mojo and vibe of the instrument.

In an effort to duplicate some of these worn, played-for-years characterictics, Tyler Guitars 'rolls' the fingerboard edges on every guitar they make. In fact, this feature has become something of a company hallmark -- and they have certainly taken it to the nth degree. (see pic above of my Tyler Studio Elite Jimburst)

When viewed at a certain angle, the fingerboard edges, meticulously shaped by hand, appear to be almost scalloped, with a slight concave between each fret.

What this translates to is a very smooth playing neck, since all sharp angles have been painstakingly sanded out of the equation.


  1. Thanks for not including a photo of their headstock-- not a favorite...

    Hey, I see you referencing eBay listings. Be sure to join their affiliate/partner program. You can earn some spare change linking to those listings!


  2. I know.. Tyler's headstocks are not for everyone.

    Thanks for the eBay heads up JP! Much appreciated.

  3. The headstock on my HD elite has grown on me - You just have to get beyond the headstock - don't pass up the opportunity to play a Tyler on that count. Best fat neck ("59" shape) I've ever played - and that includes my Danny Gatton tele. A fantastically resonant and responsive guitar that simply oozes class and feels absolutely wonderful. I really feel as if I am in command of the tiniest nuance with this guitar, and it is happy to go places where other guitars just stop dead in their tracks! :-)

  4. I agree with you about the resonance -- my Psychedelic Vomit (what a name I know!) sounds like a 335 when played acoustically. And I absolutley love the Tyler headstock!



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