Friday, September 18, 2009

A Visit to Ceriatone Amplifiers -- Part 3

Just found a few more Ceriatone pics in my camera which I thought might be interesting to post up.

I'll follow this up with a video demo of the Ceriatone JTM45 soon.

Left: Aluminum chassis awaiting assembly -- which gives us an idea of the sheer volume demand worldwide for Ceriatone amps.

According to Ceriatone boss Nik Azam, the company is now shipping out about 100 amps a month.

Right: Stacks of amp faceplates. Ceriatone uses a traditional silkscreen process for the lettering on their faceplates.

After the letters are silkscreened, a hard matte clear coat finish is applied to protect the lettering.

Left: A tech solders on the components using point-to-point wiring. All circuits have to be hand-wired as no PCB's are used.

Right: Miles of color-coded, teflon-coated wire.

Left: Every kind of amp fuse known to Man. Almost.

Right: Power transformers awaiting assembly. Note the 120V and 240v varieties.

Left: A Ceriatone Tweed Twin with a one-off custom color faceplate.

Right: An amp being prepped for shipping. Amps are shipped 'glass-on-board' (tubes installed) hence the need for bubblewrap to protect them during transit.
Left: Clinton and Nik Azam, Ceriatone founder.

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