Friday, July 17, 2009

Wilkinson WVS 50 II K Bridge

I got hold of a Wilkinson WVS50IIK bridge today.

I was originally looking for the Wilkinson/Gotoh VS100 but the store didn't have it in stock so I settled for the WVS50IIK.

And it was about half the price of the VS100.

The packaging was less than basic -- no instructions, no box, no labels. The entire assembly -- including bridge, trem bar, spring claw, springs and allen wrenches -- was supplied in a clear plastic bag.

A little research on the model number revealed that this is a licensed Korean version, made by the Sung-Il Co., with a zinc base plate and stainless steel saddles.

The quality seems identical to the original Wilkinson USA bridge on my Tyler Psychedelic Vomit. The original nickel plated bent steel saddles are extremely corroded due to being played and sweated on for the last 8 years or so.

It's definitely time to get them replaced. That, or get a tetanus shot.

I'm tempted to try transferring only the saddles from the new bridge to the old bridge but I'm guessing that the screw sizes will be different -- the age-old Imperial US Standard vs metric dilemma. Experience has taught me that screw threads can be easily stripped when trying to force such a mismatch.

I'll install the new bridge soon, take it out to gig and see how it fares.

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  1. clint...i gave 2 away just last 2 kids from soft looking for the was from my old stuff...
    if i had known i would have given both of them to you......

  2. no worries Stu. you're very kind -- thanks for the thought. Keep rockin' on Bro!



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