Thursday, May 12, 2016

Refinishing A PRS Custom 24 Part 2 | The Final Reveal

In our last article, Refinishing A PRS Custom 24 Part 1, we detailed the removal of the guitar's cloudy green lacquer and extensive prep work for the big refinish -- entirely in nitrocellulose lacquer -- by luthier Luca Quacquarella.

In my humble opinion, our Italian friend really outdid himself on this particular job.

The following pics were taken by Reggie Tan at Luca's workshop on the day he went to pick up his newly refinished PRS.

As always, click on the pictures to enlarge. Enjoy!

PRS Custom 24 refinished top
PRS Custom 24 refinished top. This guitar was finished entirely in nitrocellulose

PRS Custom 24 refinished top
Stunning flame maple top on this PRS Custom 24 Artist model

PRS Custom 24 Artist abalone bird inlays
Artist models like this one also feature choice abalone mother of pearl bird inlays

PRS Custom 24 scraped binding
Another view of the top and 'scraped' maple binding

PRS Custom 24 Artist headstock abalone inlay
Inlaid abalone PRS logo and Indian rosewood headstock veneer

PRS Custom 24 refinished back
Back and neck also refinished in nitrocellulose lacquer

PRS Custom 24 refinished headstock back
A view of the back of the headstock. Note distinctive quarter sawn grain pattern

PRS Custom 24 refinished back and neck
PRS's distinctive neck joint

PRS Custom 24 refinished top
Final view of the top. Note light shading of violet mixed in with blue on the edges

PRS Custom 24 refinished
Happy owner, happy luthier! Luca (on the left) with Reggie
(Photographs of this PRS Custom 24 courtesy of Reggie Tan. All rights reserved)

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