Friday, April 22, 2011

The Guitar Column's Custom Pick!

I'd been meaning to order a batch of these for several months now -- The Guitar Column's very own custom pick!

And after perusing the net for possible vendors, Steve Clayton's Custom Pick Designer site had me hooked with its online custom design feature.

All I had to do was choose a pick shape, gauge, material and color, upload a graphic and add text using the super-friendly, easy-to-use online software.

And voila!

The only time-consuming part was deciding on the font and tweaking the size and orientation of the graphic a myriad of ways before settling on the final design.  Actually, this creative bit was also the most fun!

I chose to go with 1.26mm white Delrin and a single-sided full-color graphic.   My only wish was that the software allowed me to curve the text along the outline of the pick.

I'll do a review of these picks when they arrive.  Can't wait to start throwing these out at gigs!


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