Friday, May 21, 2010

1979 Dumble Overdrive Deluxe Demo!

Here's one for all the Dumble freaks, umm.. afficionados out there!   The basic Dumble amplifier design is based around the Fender Deluxe circuit but modified to achieve much higher gain, more harmonic complexity at the top-end and more low-end on the bass.

Dumbles are hand-built from the ground up but this video features what is said to be a Dumble-modified Fender Deluxe amp -- a real rarity.  Alexander Dumble retained the tremelo and reverb circuit on this amp, and it also sounds like he goosed up the intensity of the tremelo a fair bit -- warm, lush, pulsating and downright hypnotic!

And dig the '2001: Space Odyssey'-style amp face lettering -- another Dumble hallmark.

Head over to this YouTube link for more:

You can also check out my earlier article on Dumble amps with a great video demo of the Overdrive Special by guitarist Gregor Hilden here:

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