Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Rasmus Guitars By Suhr

Responding to growing demand for a more affordable instrument, Suhr Guitars has started producing their new Rasmus line of quality guitars overseas. 

Rasmus Guitars -- derived from John Suhr's family name of Rasmussen -- are currently being manufactured in limited quantities.

Built using North American maple and alder and Indonesian rosewood which are selected according to strict weight guidelines, the Rasmus line also uses the same German fretwire found on the US-made Suhr models.

To top it off, each Rasmus guitar is shipped to the US, disassembled upon arrival at the Suhr factory and then Plek'd -- an automated computer process that dresses the frets to extremely high tolerances, allowing for extremely low action.  Final assembly and set-up is also done at the Suhr factory. 

According to Suhr, it is this labor intensive involvement in the Rasmus line that is the reason for them being produced in limited quantities at the moment. 

US-made Suhr pickups and Japanese-made Gotoh 510 or Gotoh Floyd Rose bridges are standard equipment.  Each Rasmus guitar comes with a Suhr Deluxe gig bag.

I'm glad that John Suhr decided not to use the Suhr brand and logo on this line of overseas-manufactured instruments -- no matter how good the quality may be. Companies like Kramer and Hamer did so in the past with almost no regard for the integrity of their brand-name and paid the price in the end.

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