Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Ibanez 2670 Artwood Twin Reissue on eBay

This is one gorgeous instrument. (Item #: 110433904762)

A slightly less ornate version of the Rex Bogue Double Rainbow that was built for John McLaughlin, the Ibanez 2670 Artwood Twin came out around 1975 and was available only on special order. This was a top-notch, no-expense-spared instrument.

Reissued in 2006, the Artwood Twin was faithfully recreated from the original blueprints by the same luthiers who built the early models. The only specification changed was that Ibanez replaced the original Super 70 pickups with Super 58's on the reissue.
Interestingly, the Tree of Life mother-of-pearl inlay on the 2670, adapted and simplified from Rex Bogue's original intricate design on the Double Rainbow, is still used by Ibanez today on their Steve Vai signature and higher-end Prestige models.

A layout of the controls and the various switching possibilities on the 2670 is shown in the diagram below. Again the 2670's controls nearly duplicate Bogue's original design sans built-in preamp.

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