Monday, November 16, 2009

Bali Guitar Finds Part 1

Ok, maybe the title of this post is a little misleading.

Day Two of my trip to Bali and the only real guitars I've found so far are the ones at the Hard Rock Cafe. And the celebrity guitars on display are showing some unusual aging.
Hard Rock Bali is across the road from Kuta Beach and the ocean. And everytime the door swings open, a gust of salt sea air swarms in, corroding every metal object in its path. Not so good for the guitars.

But Hard Rock Bali has got to have one of the most imaginative centerpiece mural displays.
And it's interesting that the 'guitar player in the clouds' is a lefty. And judging from the hollowbody axe and the minor9-looking voicing, a jazzer as well. Hmm..

The second pic gives us an idea of the scale of the giant guitar
and the mural it's superimposed against.

And I also found a tiny shop selling the biggest collection of miniature guitars I've seen so far. Including some models I've not seen before.
This is Mini Guitar Central!


  1. Crikey you got there fast! Of course you probably haven't slept at all! Glad you got there safely! :) That guitar looks a bit like a 175.

  2. Thanks! There's a bit of artistic license involved here I think -- a 175'ish body with Epiphone New York pickups and Epiphone-style pickguard.



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