Friday, October 30, 2009

Mike Landau's 1963 Gibson ES125TDC on eBay

Here's an eBay listing for Mike Landau's '63 Gibson ES125TDC. (Item #: 200397545734)

According to the seller, LA Vintage Gear, this guitar is in good shape with no lacquer crazing or checking, which is remarkable for an instrument of this age. Nitrocellulose finishes are sensitive to temperature changes and will develop a patina of small checks when subjected to sudden temperature fluctuations.

Gibson's ES125 full hollowbody was a budget line guitar that proved extremely popular in the early '50s. The ES125T non-cutaway soon followed in 1956 -- the 'T' denoting Gibson's thin hollowbody construction. The thin body was more resistant to feedback at higher volumes than a full-hollowbody instrument.

Production of the ES125TDC began in 1960, following the highly successful ES125T and ES125TC.
The ES125TDC -- T (thin hollowbody), D (double P90 pickups), C (cutaway) -- like its predecessors, was a runaway success. Despite its popularity, Gibson decided to discontinue the entire ES125 line in 1971.

Mike's guitar comes with a custom Cedar Creek case. I'm really digging the luxuriant, royal purple lining!

Mike really seems to be clearing out his attic.

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