Thursday, October 15, 2009

Duke Robillard's Esquire on eBay

What was I saying about the recent batch of celebrity-owned gear on eBay?

According to the seller this is Duke Robillard's Made-In-Mexico Esquire. (Item #: 390098545947)

I don't know what the seller was thinking putting Duke's situation out there for all and sundry to read -- as if that extra bit of 'persuasion' was needed to sell this guitar. It's well-meaning but undignified. This is Duke Robillard's guitar!

But back to the guitar.

In Duke's own words, "This is a really nice has a great chunky neck on it. I added brass compensated saddles so I could get perfect intonation. I had a Fralin hot Tele pickup put really cuts! The high-end gloss finish is rare in this model...this finish looks authentic to the 50's. Really nice Tele!....great for playing the blues with these taller frets (6105)'s a bright sounding guitar!"

With a Buy It Now price of $729, a beginning collector can cop a bit of the Robillard mojo. Or at the very least, own a really neat conversation piece.

All the Best to you, Duke. You taught me a thing or two.

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