Thursday, October 15, 2009

Duke Robillard's Esquire on eBay

What was I saying about the recent batch of celebrity-owned gear on eBay?

According to the seller this is Duke Robillard's Made-In-Mexico Esquire. (Item #: 390098545947)

I don't know what the seller was thinking putting Duke's situation out there for all and sundry to read -- as if that extra bit of 'persuasion' was needed to sell this guitar. It's well-meaning but undignified. This is Duke Robillard's guitar!

But back to the guitar.

In Duke's own words, "This is a really nice has a great chunky neck on it. I added brass compensated saddles so I could get perfect intonation. I had a Fralin hot Tele pickup put really cuts! The high-end gloss finish is rare in this model...this finish looks authentic to the 50's. Really nice Tele!....great for playing the blues with these taller frets (6105)'s a bright sounding guitar!"

With a Buy It Now price of $729, a beginning collector can cop a bit of the Robillard mojo. Or at the very least, own a really neat conversation piece.

All the Best to you, Duke. You taught me a thing or two.

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  1. This is a great site!

    I wanted to let you know of a new project we are working on that I am sure you will be hearing about.

    100% pure quartz crystal frets!


  2. Thanks Jeremy.

    This is VERY interesting. Any update on the patent application?

  3. Just to let you all know, that particular Esquire ended up in Portugal, in my house. I take really good care of it and gig it frequently playing the blues with my band.
    Only thing I did to it was to swap the white pickguard for a black one, looks cooler like that to my eye.


  4. That's awesome Pete -- enjoy your piece of blues history!

  5. I think that's the one in this video



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