Friday, August 14, 2009

Les Paul -- An Icon Passes

Innovator, inventor, recording pioneer, brilliant musician and one of the guitar's greatest elder statesmen has left us.

It's a sad day for the guitar universe.

But the world is richer -- much richer -- from him having come our way.

RIP Les.


  1. Les Paul and Leo Fender did more for rock and roll than anyone I can think of. Les Paul was a gracious and technically creative man. I have a few guitars with his name on them, a 1957 Les Paul Junior, 1959 Special, 1960 Junior DC, Several early 1970's Deluxes. The one guitar I really wish I still had was a 1960 Les Paul Custom single cutaway, burgundy with gold hardware - a real classic rock sound and heavy as a boat anchor. RIP, Les, we will miss you.

    Mark in Boston

  2. Nice stash of guitars Mark.

    I never met Les, but I've always felt like I knew him. I was very moved when he passed.

    Both Leo and Les were the Thomas Edisons of our time.



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