Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Ten Unusual Things To Be Told An Hour Before A Gig

These are from my own experience. Some of these last minute surprises were pleasant, some not so. Some were just plain worrying.

  • "There's no room for a guitar amp onstage, but our soundman will help you plug your guitar directly into the PA."
  • "The agreement with your bandleader was that the band only gets paid if there are at least 300 people in the club."
  • "You guys are the jazz band? Great! Some guests might want to come up and sing some songs in Mandarin."
  • "Can you find a sub for me? I've got tickets to Metallica.. woohoo!"
  • "The bass guitar your bassist is playing looks like mine. It was stolen from my car last year!"
  • "Didn't your agent mention that the dress code for tonight is all white?"
  • "Do you have a business card? Next time I will call you guys directly instead of going through your agent."
  • "The President will be seated at the table directly in front of the stage. Try not to play too loud."
  • "The band should start playing Happy Birthday immediately after the Bunny jumps out of the cake."
  • "Can you guys play striptease music?"


  1. My man!
    These are great anecdotes. Some of them certainly rings some bells.

    Reynold Pereira

  2. Goodness... this is really funny, but still believable...

    kudos for remembering them all and sharing them with us...



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