Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Seven Steps to Heaven -- 7 Jazz Licks

When I first got into playing and studying jazz guitar I figured that developing a working vocabulary of licks was important.
And so my meticulous self set about writing out a multitude of 1-bar and 2-bar licks transcribed from various sources, filling page upon page of loose manuscript paper.
While my not so meticulous self filed those pages away in a book -- The Jazz Style of Tal Farlow by Steve Rochinski, no less -- to lay dormant and forgotten for several years.
I chose these 7 licks out of the batch and I think they convey the jazz/bebop language pretty well, including the usage of some common chromatic devices. I'll tab out some more later.
All examples are in the key of C or Am for ease of reference and should be played everywhere on the neck in different octaves and then transposed to 3 or 4 keys for maximum benefit. And here's the fun part -- they can also be mixed and matched freely into longer lines and played over a ii-V-I (Dm7-G7-Cmaj7) progression in C, so you'll get much more than just 7 licks.
Click on the images for a larger picture and enjoy.
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