Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Misa Digital Guitar | Who Needs Those Stinkin' Strings?

2010 must be the Year of the Guitar Gizmo. 

While the YouRock guitar was targetted at the guitar player/gamer with the lure of its touch fingerboard and strummable strings, the Misa digital guitar goes in the totally opposite direction. 

Strings?  We ain't got no strings.. we don't need no strings.. I don't have to show you any stinkin' strings!

In lieu of strings, the Misa digital guitar's outstanding feature is a futuristic touchpad screen that is 'played' with the right hand -- electronic musicians will recall the Korg Kaoss Pad here.  And like the Kaoss Pad, the Misa digital guitar is purely a MIDI controller and needs to be connected to a MIDI sound module, keyboard or appropriate sequencer software.

Hmm, it's finally beginning to look like the 21st Century..

The far-thinking designers at Misa have based their digital guitar's software on the open source Linux operating software which they hope will invite programmers to experiment and further expand on the possibilities that the Misa digital guitar has to offer.


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