Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Medeski, Martin and Wood To Headline Bonnaroo Music Festival 2010

More music festival news.

Medeski, Martin and Wood are slated to be one of the headliners for the coming Bonnaroo Music Festival to take place June 10th to 13th in Manchester, Tennessee.

I first became aware of Medeski, Martin and Wood through the album they recorded with John Scofield, A Go Go, in 1998.  I'd always been a Sco' fan but A Go Go really put his playing into perspective for me.  And the support from the organ, drums and bass trio of MMW was nothing short of refreshing.  Earth, funky and totally analog.  (Thanks for the CD and for hipping me to these guys, Stu!)

Plus the static chord vamps made it a great way to cop some Scofield licks, especially his more outside lines. 

In this vid, John Scofield and Medeski, Martin and Wood perform the title track to A Go Go. Skip ahead to get past the concert impresario's spiel to where the music starts at 1:25.  Scofield makes interesting use of the Whammy pedal for the organ-like octave jumps which he intersperses into his double-stop lines at 3:58 to 4:07. 

Go to for more festival details.

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